WARM Music and the new democracy of music on the radio

Jesper Skissby - Juan Sebastián Ortiz de Zaldumbide | GFACCT 2020

WARM Music and the New Democracy of Music on the Radio

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With: Jesper Skissby, CEO and founder. Warm Music .
Juan Sebastián Ortiz de Zaldumbide, Co-founder. M3 Music.

In this intervention, the CEO and founder of Warm Music, Denmark's Jesper Skibsby, takes us into the heart of his company with which he has given himself the task of looking for more acurrate mecanisms to meassure the impact of artists in radio waves around the world. Colombia's Juan Sebastián Ortiz De Zaldumbide, co-founder of the management company M3 (Bomba Estéreo, Mitú and Diamante Eléctrico), will speak with Skisby about digital transformation and musical democracy for the artists and the industry along a new global era of streaming.
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