Riot Games-Women in E-sports

Ministry of Culture : GFACCT 2020

Riot Games: Women in Esports

Priscilla Bermea, Latin America Localization Specialist. Riot Games. Paula Oliveto 'Kalipso', Argentinean streamer and host of the Latin American LoL League.
Martina Marcaccio 'Sookie', Argentinean communicator, interviewer and host of the Latin American LoL League.
Juliana Ardila 'Lenore', Colombian caster and streamer of the Latin American LoL League and Professional Video Game League (LVP).
Camila Bautista- Country Manager. Pulpo Agency for Riot Games.

Although for many, the video game segment and its competitive scene, is still conceived mainly as a male world, the reality is that countless talented women are part of this ecosystem: players, casters, hosts, streamers, and managers are in charge of giving wider visibility to e-sports nowadays. They are all breaking stereotypes and opening new opportunities for girls and women who see a promising professional future in video games.
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