Grafitti - A dialogue between urban art and cultural and creative industries

Ministry of Culture : GFACCT 2020
Grafitti: A dialogue between urban art and the cultural and creative industries

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Camilo Fidel López, Director. Graffiti District Puente Aranda, Bogotá.
Tim Marschang, Urban Art Manager, co-creator of the Street Art Cities app.
Muath Isied, Urban Arts Curator. Al Balad Theatre. Jordan.
Tatiana Mejía-Titania, Graphic designer, illustrator and urban artist.
Nathalia Bonilla, Deputy Director of Art, Culture and Heritage. District Secretariat of Culture, Recreation and Sports of Bogota.

Art is alive in the streets and it not only transforms the walls of a city, but also peoples’ imaginaries and societies. With guests from Colombia, Belgium and Jordan this panel will allow the audience to expand their notion on the scope of contemporary urban art, to discover how new technologies are transforming it and how it currently speaks to humanity in and around the world. [Art Section]