Cultural Tourism-An Opportunity for Sustainable Development

Ministry of Culture : GFACCT 2020

Cultural Tourism: An Opportunity for Sustainable Development

Jose Ignacio Argote, Vice Minister of Regional Development and Heritage. Ministry of Culture.
Natalia Bayona, Expert in tourism and government marketing.
María Eugenia Bacci, Venezuela.
Julián Guerrero Orozco, Vice Minister of Tourism. Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism.
Moderator: María Alejandra Castaño Carmona. Journalist for Specials and World Destinations. El Espectador.

Regarding the design of public policies for cultural tourism, on which Colombia is currently working, this conversation addresses the challenges and necessary conceptual transformations that face this sector nowadays. Touching on how a tourist is drifting from a simple consumer of cultural assets towards a more complex agent, someone that enters a different reality and can manage to establish different kinds of dialogue with the cultural diversity of other places. [Economics Section]