Conversatory Audiovisual Heritage of the Indigenous Peoples of the PA

Pacific Alliance | GFACCT 2020 Discussion about Native Peoples’ Audiovisual Heritage in the AP 


  • Maryoli Ceballos, Indigenous woman from the Pastos People. Member of the Ethnic Communication Collective Audiovisual Pastas - Colombia-.
  • María Sojob, Film director - Mexico - Claudia Huaiquimilla, Mapuche audiovisual director - Chile


  • Leiqui del Carmen Uriana, Wayuu of the Sijono clan, Colombia's first indigenous filmmaker

As part of the international cooperation actions and strategic commitments of the Pacific Alliance's Technical Group on Culture to position the audiovisual sector, and with the aim of making the audiovisual heritage of indigenous peoples visible, this discussion is a reflection on the contribution of the region's indigenous peoples to Latin American cinema.
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