Conexiones- How to understand the reality of work in the dance sector, its challenges?

Conexiones| GFACCT 2020

bero-American Dance Gathering, How to Understand Labor Reality in the Dance Sector, and its Challenges? What Promotion Policies are Necessary and what Role do the Various Organizations in the Sector Play in this Task? 

Remedios Zafra, El entusiasmo: precariedad y trabajo creativo en la era digital. Spain.

Claudia Hernández, Central American dance sector.
Félix Ruiz Rodríguez, National Dance Union. Panama.
Gloria Oviedo, representative of the sector to the National Secretariat of Culture. Paraguay.
Catarina Saravia, Rede, Associação de Estruturas para a Dança Contemporânea. Portugal.

Natalia Balseiro, Cultural Manager. Spain.

Enthusiasm, precariousness and creative work in the digital age. [Art Section]