Cali Creativa, an initiative of mentality and culture to boost creativity in the city.

Ministry of Culture : GFACCT 2020

Cali Creativa: a Mindset and Culture Initiative to Boost the Creativity of the City.

With: Jacobo Álvarez, Director. Cali Creative.

How to make a city’s culture and creativity become the pillar of a mindset and cultural strategy, to help, not only generating new dimensions of identity but also constructing different narratives and developing new opportunities? That was the challenge that the Chamber of Commerce and the Secretariat of Economic Development of the Mayoralty of Cali entrusted to Jacobo Álvarez and his team by 2016.

At that time, Álvarez was returning to his native Cali, after a successful career as a creative director in the advertising sector. Since then, the idea of showing the city and its inhabitants, the certainty that Cali is full of possibilities and creators who deserve to be seen, appreciated and recognized, has become much more than a job but rather an obsession for a growing group of cultural and creative professionals from different sectors, who have been shaping Cali Creativa/MEC for 4 years now.

This study case will tell us about the operation and deployment of this collaborative initiative that has dedicated itself to realizing a truth that hasn't been proclaimed often enough 'Cali is creative' and that is essential for the world to know about.
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