GFACCT 2021 Programming

The year of creative transformation

From September 6th to the 9th, the GFACCT will join the celebration of the International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development from Medellin in virtual and in-person formats. Hundreds of national and international experts will connect with citizens through keynote lectures, talks, panels, workshops, laboratories and artistic presentations. It will be a joint exercise of conversation and construction around the future of culture and creativity.


Themes GFACCT 2021

Get to know the pillars of this year's event that represent creativity in its many forms, as well as its main characters, projects, and world-class platforms.


International summit on the possibilities of the creative and cultural industries in Colombia and the world, based on the experiences and progress of initiatives at government, national and local institutions, and international cooperation levels. Get to know them through talks and conferences in which creativity is the main focus, with themes that explore issues such as the implementation of public policies and projects for the protection and promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions, heritage, arts, diversity and the fulfilment of the Sustainable Development Goals.


The leading role of the life stories and success stories in businesses and entrepreneurships of the great creators and transformers of creativity and culture in the world, as well as the protection of heritage and its redefinition, come together in the GFACCT room. Discover the imaginative and surprising paths taken by many of these characters at the corssroads of technology, digital, visual arts, music, fashion, gastronomy, technology, and other subjects.


Organized by the Interactive Media, Film, and Audiovisual Direction of the Ministry of Culture, this digital event joins the GFACCT to expand the offer of digital culture through creation labs, hackathons, conferences, workshops, and others related to new digital and transmedia narratives, as well as different co-creation dynamics.


The Latin American Creative Economy Summit will feature a rich programming of conferences, workshops, and master classes, led by managers, experts, and leaders in the sector, around the fundamental theme of Sustainable Consumption and Production (Sustainable Development Goal - SDG 12), a global initiative that is beginning to take on great importance for industries in Colombia and Latin America, with a direct impact on the future of the planet.

GFACCT 2021 Programming